Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're 28 weeks!!

Well, we've made it to 28 weeks. This is a huge marker for me because it's when our miracle nephews were born 12 years ago, each weighing about 2.2 pounds. That was a scary time, full of the unknown. They made it through surgeries and therapies and can do everything all of their 12-year-old friends do. We enjoyed watching them ride a knee board this weekend at the lake...Thanks Edelens!!

At our doctor's appointment on July 1st, we found out that our little ones are not really so little for 28 weeks. Our son's estimated weight is 3 pounds 9 ounces and our daughter's estimated weight is 2 pounds, 10 ounces. They want me to have another gestational diabetes test because they are big. Hopefully, it will be another negative test. I just keep reminding myself that Scott was a 9 pound 14 ounce baby!

We got a really good pictures of our little girl...finally (it's the picture on the left)! The picture on the right is the best one we got of our little boy on this visit. Our little girl was really acting up at this visit - she even stuck her hand in front of her brother's face when we were trying to get his picture (the center picture). I'm sure this is the first of many stories like this we'll be telling as they grow up. We just get more and more excited about meeting and holding them.

We are reminded on a regular basis that they're with us as we watch and feel my belly move...they're really starting to move a lot and we love it!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our First baby Shower!

Today I learned that my friends at work are sneaky, creative, and very thoughtful. Evidently, months ago, my friend and co-worker, Jenny, intercepted a phone call from Scott to get him in on a surprise baby shower for us. They arranged for Scott to pick me up from work today to take me to dinner. However, just as we were leaving, my boss, Barbara called me to her office. Across from her office is the boardroom and this is where everyone was waiting. She told me she had to go to the boardroom and asked me to follow. My breath was taken away when I saw most of my friends/co-workers waiting for me in a room decorated with baby clothes, diaper bouquets, and delicious food. Many people stayed late just to attend the shower, two of my co-workers daughters who I really like came (Teresa & Grace), and Tammy B who only works one day a week at the Center made a special trip for the shower. I was blown away and am surprised I could hold back the tears, that is until after the shower.
My co-worker's daughter, Teresa, just graduated from Sullivan college with a culinary degree (she's job hunting if you know of any openings...I'll vouch for her - she's fabulous!) and she made the most adorable shower cake I've ever seen. It looked like two little babies (a boy and a girl) in a bed under a blanket...she did wonders with fondant!

Everyone brought food and it was wonderful too! Another surprise is that everyone paired us with another person and dressed as twins. There were Hooters twins, pregnant twins, twins in curlers and robes, twins in red, twins in black, twins in KIDS Center shirts...it was GREAT! I laughed so hard...Good thing I had just visited my second office, the restroom.

I was overwhelmed as I opened the many gifts. Outfits, blankets, bottles, bath chairs, books, booties, wash clothes, diaper cakes, sleep positioners, high chairs, bedding...the gifts were endless. The generosity of everyone touched me deeply and I couldn't help but feel like the luckiest person in the world.

I've always felt fortunate to be a part of the KIDS Center and today was a great reminder of why. We are a family who support those who enter our doors through good times and bad. We share sorrow and joy and give love and support. I could not ask for better friends and I'm lucky to get to see them each day and have them in my life. I hope that our children find people in their lives that are special as the people that surround me each day. Thank you, each and every one of you, for making each day special and especially for making today one I will treasure forever.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Marvelous Multiples Class

Last Saturday, we attended an all day multiples class at Suburban Hospital. It was very good and we felt like we learned some new things. One of the guest speakers was a physician who had 2 children and then had twins. She told us some practical strategies about raising twins and showed us how to pick up 2 babies at one time, which will be useful. Surprisingly, this class eased my mind a little. It really made me excited about these little ones. Scott and I can't wait to see them and hold them.

We are now 25 weeks pregnant, and each day is flying by! The babies are on the move. Most of the time, it feels like bubbles popping, but sometimes it feels like a "flick" from the inside. The only problem is they become very still every time I talk to touch my belly which still makes it hard for Scott to catch them on the move.

We're going back to the doctor next Friday and I'm anxious to see how much they've grown. So far, things are going very well. I passed my gestational diabetes test which was a tremendous relief! The only "symptoms" I am dealing with are biscuit feet (my feet are swollen and remind me of biscuit dough as it pops out of the can), occasional aches/pains, and carpal tunnel (which greatly impacts my ability to write with a pen. I can still type though!). So, please understand if you receive a typed card from us!

Lately, I've received a lot of comments such as "you're beginning to look pregnant". Well, at 25 weeks pregnant with twins, I hope I look pregnant! I am lucky because I really haven't gained much weight and have really only grown in the belly area. I'm sure in the next 10-15 weeks, my belly will really change...I can't wait!


I never knew it could take so many hours to complete a baby registry! We are finally registered at Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon.com. Thanks to my friend, Tammy, for helping me begin the process. She has 3 wonderful children and was able to direct me toward the things that made her life with babies easier. Scott was also a big help - thank goodness we agree on things easily.

We found bedding at Babies R Us that is the same pattern, but one is pink/sage/white and the other is blue/sage/white. We have selected a sage green paint color, but haven't purchased the paint yet. We are lucky that we didn't have to purchase any nursery furniture, except a rocker/glider. One crib was given to us from Nancy's brother, Bobby, and the other from our friends, Craig and Christina. Both cribs are white. Craig and Chirstina are also giving us their white changing table. I can't wait to see it all together. Wayne and Nancy are also loaning us a crib that we plan on using at the lake. We will post pictures when the nursery is finished. If you like to paint and move furniture, please let us know!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Phases of labor...

On Monday June 1st, we attended our first two prenatal classes at Suburban Hospital: Signs, Stages, and Phases of Labor and Specialized OB Anesthesia. I don't know if it helped or just raised my blood pressure. During the first class, I think they skipped a phase of labor...the "what in the hell did we do" phase. I think it starts aroudn 23 weeks. I know how the babies have to get here, but who thinks of that before hand? I don't like needles even though I've been stuck with a fair share of them. On Monday, I actually held an epidural needle that was as blunt as a telephone pole. They said "You'll feel PRESSURE when we stick you". PRESSURE...are you kidding me? Maybe they should sharpen that thing a little. Oh yeah, they can't or they might accidentally stick your spinal cord and you'll get spinal headaches that are cured with, you guessed it, another epidural...WHAT?!?!

Luckily, the anesthesiologists at Norton Hospitals are strictly OB anesthesiologists, so they get lots of practice. I think they said 25 epidurals a day. I am also reading a book on the Bradley Method and plan on talking to our doctor at our next appointment about birthing options. We'll probably take a class on the Bradley Method if we still have enough time. I think it could be handy no matter what happens. I could have used some breathing techniques on Monday!

I guess I'm at the "What the hell did we do" stage of pregnancy as I try to cope with the reality of what is to come. I'm honestly a little overwhelmed by all of the procedures and the many changes that will come with these babies. I know once they're here, nothing else will really matter. I just keep reminding myself of that.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Newly banned phrases: "Doubled in size", "Wow!" and "Look at that head!"

I'm fascinated with the belly. I stare at it, I talk to it, rub on it... the works. Becky's belly gets a lot of attention from me as well. Kidding. I'm waiting on outward evidence of internal beings. I'm very involved in the process, but I'm still missing some small part of it. I think a regular bump or kick will help. Don't get me wrong, I don't envy the aches, pains, sleepless nights, or sudden bathroom runs. But I'm totally jealous that she gets to feel them move. So, I'll shove Tyson up my shirt now and again just to get an idea. I'm sure it's exactly the same thing.

We had our most recent ultrasound on Friday, May 29th. No visitors this time, just Becky and me. Baby A, the girl, was uncooperative at best. She had a terrible case of dance fever and the only cure was to kick her mother in the bladder. She barely held still long enough to catch the requisite images, take a few measurements and allow her parents a quick glimpse of her profile. She weighed in at 1 pound 5 ounces, a significant increase from April 23rd (she was 9 oz). We got a clearer shot of the girl parts. I think we're done re-confirming her gender.

The bruiser weighed in a 1 pound 13 ounces... he gained one pound and an ounce in four weeks. The doctor's office doesn't worry about the disparity in their weights because they're both measuring above average. We figured out how to get digital images onto a thumb drive directly from the ultrasound machine... so these pics should be pretty clear.

All things considered, Becky is feeling OK. She's suffering from carpal tunnel issues in her wrists, her shoes have begun to protest and her sciatic nerve is clearly being impacted by the babies. It is requiring some creative sitting and sleeping positions.

I am still waiting on the babies to have enough strength to poke, kick, or head-butt with enough regularity that I can feel them. I've only felt them once and it was a solid kick to my palm. I think in the next few weeks they'll be ready to high-five their father.